DOWNLOAD THE OFFICIAL INVITATION 1st INTERNATIONAL CUP FULL CONTACT KARATE WFKU “GRAND PRIX SEIKYOKUSHIN 2023” Goals and tasks The 1st International Cup Full Contact Karate – WFKU «GRAND PRIX SEIKYOKUSHIN 2023» is aimed at: Further development and promotion of Full Contact Karate around the world. Selecting the best athletes in the of National teams for …


New Dojo opened in USA

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new Dojo in Santa Clarita, California USA. We invite you to our intensive trainings. Training is led by Shihan Andrew Rekunov and Shihan Peter Cunningham. More details at the link below. 👉Santa Clarita Dojo

May 17, 2022 Kyu Test in Azerbaijan

April 17, 2022 Seikyokushin Karate students under the supervision of the Branch Chief of Azerbaijan Representative Office of IKOS, WFKU and WSKO Shihan Gabil Sayadov, passed another exam for kyu-test. The examinees demonstrated level of physical fitness, knowledge of terminology and performance skills passed and previous kyu techniques, as well as passed examination fights. Chairman …

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Report from Azerbaijan

26 февраля 2022г. 18 спортсменов из команды Представительства Сейкиокушин в Азербайджане приняли участие в «Южном Турнире» г.Астары по категории кумите среди детей и юношей, проводимом Азербайджанской Федерацией Контактного Карате. Команда принесла клубу 10 золотых, 7 серебряных и 1 бронзовую медаль: Джахид Шахбазлы – 1 место Раиль Шахбазлы – 1 место Элин Мамедзаде – 1 место …

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Greetings from Azerbaijan

On behalf of the Azerbaijan Seikiokushin Karate we wish you a Merry Christmas! We wish you all the best and prosperity! Osu! Below is a brief information about the competition on 19.12.2021: December 19, 2021. 16 athletes from the Representation team Seikiokushin in Azerbaijan took part in the championship of Baku in the category of …

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Kyu Test in South Africa

South Africa Honbu 🇿🇦. Hosted kyu Gradings from 10 kyu to 1st kyu. 70 students attend Grading. All were promoted to different kyu’s Under leadership of Shihan Simon Matjiane, 7th dan, Continent Representative with assistance of Shihan Micheal Masina. “We’re born to Full Contact Fighting!” Osu!

6th Ukrainian Open Cup Shin Karate

Osu! Шановні колеги, друзі! Ласкаво запрошуємо Вас взяти участь в 6-му Кубку України з Шин Карате фулл-Контакт, приуроченому до 50-річного ювілею Шихана Андрія Рекунова, Президента Всесвітньої Організації Шин Карате, який відбудеться 30-го жовтня 2021 в Одесі. Турнір проводиться за версіями: • Фулл-Контакт Кумiте(боксерські рукавички) • Поінт Кумiте(боксерські рукавички) Попередні заявки приймаються до 23 жовтня 2021 …

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American Shin Karate

ONE WEEK FREE WELCOME TO AMERICAN SHIN KARATE! OUR TRAINING PROGRAMS, TAUGHT BY THE BEST PROFESSIONALS, ARE FOR ANYONE WHO DESIRES TO BECOME THE FINEST AND MOST SKILLED THEY CAN BE. We offer classes in Shin Karate with emphasis on self-defense skills. There are separate classes offered for adults and children. • KIDS SHIN KARATE …

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Shin Karate Seminar in Mexico

For the first time in the history of the organization, Mexico received Shihan Andrew Rekunov. The seminar was held November 12-14, 2021 in Mexico City. Shihan worked techniques and strategies aimed towards the Full Contact Kumite rules. The protocols and regulations before each fight were reviewed and aligned. Shihan Rekunov, in conjunction with the Shin …

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Shin Karate and Seikyokushinkai grading in Germany

The German Branch of Shin Karate and Seikyokushin organized first Grading after the Covid break. Because of Covid restrictions currently taking place in Germany we had only limited ammount of participants. In Shin Karate we Graduated under Supervision of Shihan Andrew Rekunov and under the leading of Shihan Jakub Cerny DiS. Shin Karate participants took …

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17-19/09/2021 Seminar Full Contact Karate in Poland

Osu! 17-19 September 2021 was held International Seminar Full Contact Karate SEIKYOKUSHIN & SHINKARATE at Martial Arts Academy of Sensei Jacek Szymański in Siedlce, Poland. We teach the special technics and combination of Knockdown Kumite – Seikyokushin and Full Contact Kumite(boxer gloves) – Shin Karate. Despite the fact that more than half of the students …

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