1st Online Championship Kata SHIN KARATE

1st Online Championship Kata SHIN KARATE  Download

  1. Goals and tasks
    • The 1st Online Championship SHIN KARATE is aimed at: To motivate Training and Fighting Spirit, Martial Arts Spirit and Cooperation in Hard times of Corona Crisis.
  • Popularization the Shin Karate as Sport and attracting young people and adults to systematic physical culture and sports.
  1. Date and place of the competition.

The 1st Online Championship SHIN KARATE will be held:

April 6, 2020 to April 12,2020

All infos how to participate will you get from General secretary:

germany@shinkarate.de, Whatsapp: +49015128892627

  1. 3. Uniform and equipment of participants

 All athletes must be in clean karate gi with a belt that matches the qualification of the athlete.

  1. 4. Rewarding athletes
  • Cups, medals and diplomas.
  • Diplomas for best Clubs.
  • Other gifts
  1. 5. Applications

Applications for participation in the 1st Online Championship SHIN KARATE should be send till 5 April 2020.

  1. Contacts
  • Shihan Andrew Rekunov (Ukraine)
    Chairman of World Shin Karate Organization
    e-mail: andrew.rekunov@shinkarate.org
    tel. +38 063 799 99 66 (WhatsApp, Viber)
    tel. +38 048 799 99 66
  • Sensei Jakub Cerny (Germany)
    President of European Shin Karate Organization
    General Secretary SHIN KARATE
    e-mail: germany@shinkarate.de
    tel. +49015128892627 (WhatsApp)






This an official invitation to

1st Online Championship Kata SHIN KARATE

World Shin Karate Organization

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