1st Int. Seminar Shin Karate in Czech Republic

First International Seminar of Full-Contact Shin Karate in Czech Republic
On 26.1 organized the Czech Shin Karate Association and Samurai Fight Club Chodov
1. International Shin Karate Seminar of Full-Contact Karate and Fighting
With attendence of more than 40 participants, including Members of Shin Karate Czech Republic, Shinkarate Germany, Shin Karate Poland and Simmey Do Ukraine. Instructors on Seminar: Shin Karate Division – Shihan Andi Rekunov, Simmey Do Karate – Shihan Oleg Witkowsky and for Division Allkampfjitsu – Shihan Martin Matouš.
First Part of Seminar was Focused on Mainly on Fullcontact Karate. This part was Overseed by Shihan Rekunov and Shihan Witkowsky. Here were kicks, blocks and punches practiced, which are mainly used in Fullcontact Gloves Kumite.
Second Part was focused on Techniques from Fullcontact Fighting under Shihan Rekunov and Witkowsky and on techniques from Allkampf Jitsu, under tutelage of Shihan Matouš. In Fighting rules of Allkampfjitsu are Kicks, punches, blocks and throws practiced as well as figting on the ground.
Second day of Seminar was Focused on Grading under Oversight of Shihan Rekunov and Witkowsky and Sensei Bilka, Kalfář and Kolář.
All 16 participants of Grading have succesfully acomplished the Grading after 3 Hours of Training.
Special Thanks are for all Mentioned Shihans, but as well for Sensei Jakub Černý from Shinkarate Germany and Sensei Bilka from Meibukan Goju Ryu.
For Shinkarate Czech Republic and Samurai Fight Club Chodov
Sensei Jaroslav Kalfář a sensei Václav Kolář.
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