International meeting in Izmail

On Saturday, December 28, 2019 an International Conference of the WSKO was held in Izmail, at the
Headquarters of the Ukrainian Shin Karate Federation. The purpose of the Conference was to discuss
and confirm details regarding the inaugural, 1st World Open Cup SHIN KARATE.
Present at the conference were;
• Shihan Andrew Rekunov WSKO Chairman (Poland),
• Shihan Oleg Shilyaev USKF President & WSKO Vice Chairman
• Shihan Cornel Manolache The President of Romanian Shin Karate Federation (Romania),
• Shihan Sergey Tsoi USKF Vice President (Bolgrad),
• Sensei Denis Mazur WSKO Vice Chairman (Odessa),
• Sensei Oleg Reshetnikov Instructor USKF Southern Region
• Sensei Leonid Kasyanov Instructor USKF Southern Region
After eight hours of deliberation the following decisions were confirmed:
1. To organize and conduct the 1st World Open Cup WORLD SHIN KARATE ORGANIZATION at
Pitesti, Romania between May 8 to 10, 2020,
2. The main responsibility for the organization of the World Cup is assigned to Shihan Cornel
Manolace of the Romanian Shin Karate Federation,
3. Shihan Oleg Shilyaev of the Ukrainian Shin Karate Federation will act as the coordinator of
this 1st World Open Cup.
4. General Secretary of WSKO Sensei Jakub Cerny(Germany) was appointed responsible for
international contacts.
Shortly, further information regarding the 1st World Open Cup SHIN KARATE being held in Pitesti,
Romania between May 8 to 10, 2020 will be added to the official website of the World Shin Karate
Organization “”. All necessary documents regarding the event will be available for
We would also like to proudly announce that after the conference Shihan Cornel was presented Dan
Certificates and belts for his students who had passed their 1st Dan gradings on 20 October 2019 in
The Board WSKO
P. S
Happy new year to all!!!

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