Shin Karate (Sokarate) in Netherlands!

To all WSKO (WSO) members!
We want to share the great news!
February 1, 2017 in the Netherlands, in Stein city was open official Branch of the World Shin Karate Organization (World Sokarate Organization).
The Branch was headed by Shihan Robert Pepels 5 Dan.
In 2008, Shihan Robert came to Odessa, Ukraine for the seminar Full Contact Karate, and since then Shihan Robert Pepels and Shihan Andrei Rekunov maintain friendships.
It’s was a good time and good memories!
On the photo from left to right: Shihan Rob Pepels, Sensei Max Gorodetski-Rekunov, Shihan Andrei Rekunov.
Odessa city, Ukraine.
Autumn of 2008.
We are Honored to see Shihan Robert in the World Shin Karate Organization (World Sokarate Organization)!

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